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When We Are Married
J B Priestley

Brewhouse Theatre, 5th - 9th November 2019

Priestley's classic matrimonial comedy starts when a group of old friends, all married on the same day in the same chapel, gathers at the Helliwells' home to celebrate their silver anniversary. When they discover that they are not legally married, because the parson was not authorised to carry out the wedding, each couple initially reacts with proper Victorian horror. “What will the neighbours think?" say the Helliwells, the Parkers and the Soppitts. 

But soon all three couples find themselves re-evaluating their lives and their marriages. For the hen-pecked Herbert Soppitt it provides the chance to assert himself against his domineering spouse. But, for two of the women, it offers the prospect of liberation from stuffy and errant husbands. In the end, of course, everything turns out well, and the play ends on a happy note

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