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Red Peppers & Quartet web headers

Red Peppers by Noel Coward
Quartet by Ronald Harwood

Open Auditions 26th, 27th & 29th November 2018
Performances Brewhouse Theatre, 12th - 16th March 2019 at 7.15pm
Throughout the 1930s, Taunton Thespians had a rich tradition in presenting curtain raisers (one act plays performed prior to a full length piece), as anyone who looks at their online archive will see. We have pleasure in reviving this tradition in 2019, and present Noël Coward’s  Red Peppers, followed by Quartet by Ronald Harwood. Coward’s one act comedy, written for himself and Gertrude Lawrence, is a lively look behind the scenes at George and Lily Pepper’s dressing room, eavesdropping on their offstage quarrels and witnessing their onstage performances, complete with well hidden spats. It’s a little gem, and complements Harwood’s full length play, Quartet, which also looks at stage performers who have left their best years behind them: in this case, Wilf, Cissy, Reggie and Jean are retired opera singers, whiling away their time in a bespoke home, which puts on an annual concert to celebrate the birthday of Giuseppe Verdi in October. What could be more natural than that the four ex-performers should choose the quartet from Rigoletto, Bella figlia dell'amore (Beautiful daughter of love), for which they were justifiably famous? But will they remember the words? Fit into their costumes? And know what day it is? Harwood’s poignant, beautiful script will have you sighing and chuckling in equal measure.