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Snake in the Grass
by Alan Ayckbourn

Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre, 12th - 26th March 2013
Annabelle Lorna Evans
Alice Jane Leakey
Miriam Nicola Dawson
Director Mike Linham
Producer Mark Dawson
Stage Manager Stuart Lyddon
Asst Stage Managers David Levi, Paul Smethurst
DSM Keith Gibbons
Set Design Ray Court
Set Construction Ray Court, Di Rawle, Tony Beavan
Set Dressing Dona Bullion
Wardrobe Rose Humphries
Lighting Isaac Cowlard
Sound Graham Reeks
Props Sylvia Fellgett, Jenny Grey
Prompt Rene Kilner
Front of House Mike Leach
Publicity & programme design Michael Gilbert
Publicity team Nicola Dawson, Jane Edwards, Rene Kilner, Lizzie Knighton,Ron Roberts