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Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare

The Corfield Hall, Taunton, May 7th - 9th, 11th - 12th, 1959
Julius Caesar Alex Yandall
Octavius Caesar Derek Wheal
Antony John Agrell
Brutus John Emmett
Cassius Kenneth Galloway
Casca Joseph Boyce
Trebonius Harold Passmore
Decius Sydney Banks
Metellus Cimber Derek Wheal
Cinna William Sleep
Cicero Arthur Moorhouse
Popilius Lena Graham Gemmell
Lepidus Raymond Hull
Flavius John Dorse
Marullus William Sleep
A Soothsayer; Artemidorus John Wilkins
Lucilius Ken Stark
Titinius Nigel Thorn
Messala Jonathan Cozens
Cato David Lea
Volumnius Harold Passmore
Lucius David Greet
Clitus Graham Gemmell
Strato John Howe
Pindarus Arthur Moorhouse
Calpurnia Eileen Agrell
Portia Dione Willoughby
Citizens, Guards, Servants, Attendants David Morris, David Lea, Nigel Thorn, Graham Gemmell, Jonathan Cozens, Harold Passmore, John Howe, Terry Evans, Norman Bellamy, Phyllis Brown, Priscilla Lansdown, Patricia Rowen, Jeremy Castle, John Lanigan
Producer Derek Wheal
Stage Director John Wilkins
Stage Manager Kathleen Marfell
Scenic Designer Grace Dickie
Assistant Stage Manager Priscilla Lansdown
Lighting Leslie Morris and Edward (Ted) Goldsmith
Wardrobe Mistress Phyllis Peel Corbin
Assisted by Gwen Wilkins, Elsie Goldsmith, Vera Rich, Laura Steel, Alma Thomas, Sylvia Arberry, Pat Attrill, Catherine Greenhill, Hilda Livingstone, Peggy Kerr Gwyther
Properties Margaret Macfarlane
Call Girl Angela Fraser
Sound Equipment Rannie Renacre
Men's Hair Styles by Don Adams
Scenery Construction and Stage Staff Keith Jary, Norman Hyland, David Lea, Stephen Wilkins, Sydney Banks, Vera Rich and members of the cast
Front of House & Acknowledgements
Stewards Directed by James Weaver
Programme Sellers Directed by Alma Thomas
Taunton Thespians also wish to record our grateful thanks to the Headmaster of Queens College for the loan of togas.