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Comic Potential, by Alan Ayckbourn

Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre, Taunton 11th - 15th March 2003
Chandler Tate Patrick Lavender
Trudi Floote; Dress Shop Assistant Sasha Collard
Prim Spring Dona Bullion
Adam Trainsmith Tom Rees
Jacie Triplethree Jane Leakey
The Doctor; The Farmer; Man in dress shop; Turkey John Fidell
The Mother; The Farmer's Wife Nicola Dawson
The Son; The Technician Mark Chappell
Carla Pepperbloom Glenda Lavender
Lester Trainsmith Mark Dawson
Marmion; Hotel Waiter 2 Rob Smith
Hotel Desk Clerk; Hotel Waiter 1 John Burbery
Woman in dress shop; Prostitute Nikki Court
Director Mike Linham
Original Music Composed by John Patterson
Lighting Design Mike Linham
Set Design Ray Court
Set Construction Ray Court, Tony Beaven and Bill Kingdon
Stage Manager Ron Roberts
Deputy Stage Manager Sandra Young
Lighting Operator Matt Redstone
Sound Operator Arthur Cummins
ASMs Props Angela Widgery, Sarah Saunders and Mark Bond
ASM Costumes Cynthia Jones
Producer Mark Dawson
Production Secretary Sandra Young
Continuity Joy Reason
Publicity Team Nicola Dawson, Lynn Henden, John Burbery and Ron Roberts
Photographs Mark Dawson
Front of House & Acknowledgements
Programmer Sellers and members of Front of House Members of Taunton Thespians House Team