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Cold Comfort Farm by Paul Doust,
Adapted from the novel by Stella Gibbons

Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre, 9th - 13th March 2010
Flora Poste Charlotte Briggs
Judith Starkadder Nikki Court
Aunt Ada Doom Cynthia Jones
Elfine Elaine Rawle
Rennet Chloe Stepney
Mrs Hawk-Monitor Nicola Dawson
Reuben Starkadder Charlie Dorr
Amos Starkadder Ray Court
Sneller Dennis Carter (Tues/Weds)
Stuart Lyddon (Thurs/Fri/Sat)
Urk Tony Leach
Richard Hawk-Monitor Tom Cooney
Adam Lambsbreath John Burbery
Mr Earl P Neck Mike Leach
Seth Starkadder Jack Horwood
Charles David Northey
Dandelion Catherine Vicarage
Jacob Maria Coe
Ensemble John Burbery, Tom Cooney, Nicola Dawson,
Karen Kerslake, Mike Leach, David Northey,
Mary Paker, Carrie Vaughan, Christine Vaughan,
David Waring, Angela Widgery
Director Jane Burt
Stage Manager Bryan Hallett
DSM Keith Gibbons
Producer Martin Jevon
Assistant Producer David Northey
Set Design Jane Burt and Ray Court
Set Construction Ray Court, Terry Wood and members of the cast
Prompt Tony Venn
Props Di Rawle, Emma Vicarage, Amy Parker
Make Up & Hair Amy Parker
Wardrobe Mistress Nikki Court
Wardrobe Assistants Kirsten Whyte and Alison Jenkinson
Chaperone Emma Vicarage
Photographer Terry Wood
Lighting Pete Wilmott
Sound Graham Reeks
Backstage Crew Annie Bowles, Michael Gilbert, Amy Parker, Swannie, Emma Vicarage, Abi Vickery, Matt Webber
Choreographer Graham Barrett
Cast Dressers Jane Emmott and Jane Dyer
Front of House Manager Arthur Cummins
Front of House Team Members and Friends of Taunton Thespians
Materials Sourcing John Burbery and David Northey
Publicity Rene Kilner, Michael Gilbert, Ron Roberts, Jane Edwards, Carrie Vaughan
Poster design Matt Webber
The Ladies of the Sukebind Charlotte Briggs, Jane Burt, Nicola Dawson, Swannie, Angela Widgery
Transport Webbers Removals
Programme Michael Gilbert