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Arsenic and Old Lace
by Joseph Kesselring

19th - 23rd November 2013, Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre
Abby Brewster Maggie Goodall
Rev Harper John Burbery
Teddy Brewster Maat Ward
Officer Brophy David Levi
Officer KleinMichael Gilbert
Martha Brewster Nikki Court
Elaine Harper Cassidy Bryant
Mortimer Brewster Reece Baker
Mr Gibbs Dave Goodall
Jonathan Brewster Duncan Wright
Dr Einstein Krzysztof Siejka
Officer O’Hara Mark Dawson
Lt Rooney Brian Lewis
Mr Witherspoon John Burbery
Director  Dave Goodall 
Producer  Swannie
Stage Manager Michael Gilbert
DSM  Lizzie Knighton 
Set Design  Dave Goodall 
Set Construction  Dave Goodall, Paul Smethurst, Maggy Goodall, Peter McGuire & David Levi 
Wardrobe  Dona Bullion 
Asst Wardrobe  Nikki Court 
Lighting/Sound Operation  Peter Chidzey 
Deputy Lighting/Sound  Peter McGuire 
Props  Sylvia Fellgett 
Asst Props  Angela Widgery, Jenny Grey 
Prompt  Jane Edwards 
Front of House Manager  Ron Roberts 
Publicity Team  Nicola Dawson, Ron Roberts, Jane Edwards & Lizzie Knighton 
Poster Design, Programme & Photos Michael Gilbert